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Ambassador / Influencer Program

Micro & Macro

Ambassador / Influencer Program (Micro & Macro)

We are looking to add ambassadors / influencers (Micro & Macro) from across north america (Usa & Canada). So, if you're an Outdoor Enthusiast or a Mountaineer, who is passionate about The Rocky Mountains & have a strong presence on social media! Then you will be a perfect fit for our ambassador/influencer team. (or simply we need awesome people to help us spread the movement, while scoring free stuff & earn cash along the way)

Benefits of the ambassadors / influencers program:

* Exclusive discounts in our online store

* Unique Coupon code to share with friends, family & followings

* Opportunities to get free items

* Opportunities to earn Commission

Fill out the form below, to be considered for a spot in out team.

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Ambassador / Influencer Requirements

All ambassador / influencer (Micro or Macro) are required to meet the following requirements:

1. Like & Follow us on all social media platforms:

- Facebook: @therockiescollection

- Pinterest: @therockiescollection

- Twitter: @rockiescollect

- Instagram(none): #therockiescollection (use this hashtag) & (website)

2. Tag @therockiescollection in your outdoors & mountaineering photos also include #therockiescollection (respectful & appropriate content, you're not required to be wearing our products in photos) 

3. Re-Share & like our posts on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest)

*** The program is free to join & there is no requirement to sell***

How to make sales & earn commission

- Provide your friends, family & followings with your unique discount code (this is how we track your sales, and commission are paid from those sales)

- You're free to use / share your Unique Coupon Code on social media as you see fit. (link in Bio, post share etc)

- Commissions are ONLY generated from sales that uses your Unique Coupon Code.

- Commissions percentage may increase according to performance.

- Commissions are paid out every two weeks via paypal ONLY!!  (so you must have a paypal account to be eligible to receive commission)

Commissions are calculated based on subtotal (after discounts are applied) & excluding shipping and any applicable taxs.

Tagging & Sharing

You're free to share & include link to our website on social media (don't forget to include your Unique Coupon code)

Tagging on Facebook: type as follows: (page should pop up) @the rockiescollection

Tagging on Instagram(none): use hashtag #therockiescollection & website

You're free to be creative with your taggings, sharing & use of #hashtag (respectful & appropriate content please)

Terms - By applying for our ambassador / influencer program you have agreed to our term and conditions. As soon as you're approve, you can start sharing your Unique Coupon Code, and start earning commission. Important: Be sure to share or post your Unique Coupon Code, as this is the way we track your commission. All Prices are listed in USD. We reserve the right to accept, decline or remove any enrollment from our program at our discretion and make changes without prior notice. 


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